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Trainers Quotes

Zumba is new to Palestine and Palestine is new to Zumba. Not only do the women who attend the Zumba dancing enjoy the benefits to their condition and their health in a fun way. Zumba dance is also benefiting from the Palestinian women. The choice of the music and the choreographies developed with the taste of the trainees for their favorite songs and they gave me new inspiration for new movements. Zumba in the Popular Art Center is a fun workout with lots of energy and dance!
Zumba trainer, 2012


The Popular Art Centre reinforces art as a mean of building knowledge and a powerful tool to resist oppression. It facilitates social change towards freedom, justice and culture development. As a trainer, PAC helped me achieve “self-actualization”, therefore, I do not subscribe to the school of thought that adopts the “art for the sake of art” view.
Sharaf DarZaid
Dabkeh trainer, 2005 – 2019


Teaching Flamenco at the Popular Art Centre has been the greatest opportunity for me to share with the Palestinian people not only the dance, but also the inner strong energy of the gipsy culture that is actually a way of life.
Laura Diaz
Flamenco trainer, 2012

We link what’s in between the past and the future, movements that our bodies draw with a Palestinian soul, so we live and go on with the existence of children who haven’t forgot that they are the children of Palestine.
We seek to revive dance away from the traditional aspect, were expressions and scenes created by our bodies reflects a reality with its bittersweet moments, however, we still live it and remember it with our souls.
Laila Elboukhari
Dabke trainer, 2006 – 2019

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Trainers Quotes
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